Welcome to ARCIS Resources Corporation

ARCIS Resources Corporation (OTC: ARCS.QB) is an integrated beneficial reuse & energy services company. The Company’s diversified business strategy includes a strong global reach, versatile local presence, and a strategically "green"  approach to the future.

ARCIS Mission

We take a global approach to providing an economical “green” solutions for energy and chemical companies to eliminate their landfill or hazardous waste material. We strive for our work to not only create value for our shareholders but create change by offering solutions for our customers that help to sustain our environment and at the same time deliver them incentives and offer alternatives. We take pride in the cutting edge technology that our Company utilizes and continue to aggressively pursue new developments to keep us at the forefront of the industry in which we compete. It is with those we serve in mind that we have set the bar high and work to not only better our Company standing and the services Arcis delivers today, but also devote ourselves to preparing for an ever changing future to ensure that in the same right that our services help to sustain the environment, that we work to sustain our Company, as well.